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Video Tutorial - Getting your GCKey

Video Tutorial - Getting your GCKey: Transcript

Text: CFIA - Safeguarding with Science

Text: GCKey Tutorial – Passport to Government of Canada online services

Welcome to the GCKey video tutorial.

A GCKey is your passport to Government of Canada online services. This tutorial will walk you through how to get your GCKey – step-by-step.

Let's get started!

To register for a GCKey, use your cursor to click the blue 'Continue to GCKey' button at the bottom of the page.

Video zeros in on the blue button, the cursor comes into view and "clicks" the button. Audible click.

A new screen will appear.

Now, click the blue 'Sign Up' link on the right of the screen.

Video zeros in on the Sign Up hyperlink, the cursor comes into view and "clicks" the link. Audible click.

You are now on the GCKey registration page.

First, you need to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use.

When you've finished reading, click the 'I accept' button.

Video zeros in on the 'I accept' button, the cursor comes into view and "clicks" the button. Audible click.

For Step Two, you'll want to have a pen and paper handy.

First, let's create your Username.

This is a combination of letters and up to seven digits. You can choose as few as eight or as many as sixteen characters – but you can't use special characters.

Video zeros in on the Username Checklist in the bottom right of the screen.

Choose a Username that's easy to remember. You may want to write it down since you cannot find your Username if you forget it.

Type your Username in the white box.

Video zeros in on the 'Create your Username' box; the cursor appears and clicks in the box, then a user ID is keyed in.

Next, you need to create and confirm your Password.

Video zooms into the section of the screen: showing the Password boxes and instructions.

Your Password must be different than your Username. It must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one digit.

Your Password must be between eight and sixteen characters.

Your Password must not contain three or more consecutive characters from your Username.

The Password checklist box appears more prominently in the video.

Once you've selected your Password, type it into the Password box.

Video shows the text being typed in to the Password box and the confirm password box.

If you don't type the same Password in the two boxes, a message will pop up to tell you that you have to retype the Password in both boxes.

You're almost done. The last thing you need to do is complete your Questions and Answers. You need to select your Recovery Question and Answer, and your Memorable Person and Date

This information will help you if you ever forget your Password.

You can choose from a number of "Recovery Questions". To see the list of questions, just click on the little arrow to the right of the 'Select a Recovery Question' bar.

Video shows the drop down box of Recovery Question options.

Drag your cursor to the Recovery Question you like best. You'll see the blue background highlights each question as you drag down the list. When the question you want is highlighted, click on it and that question will be chosen.

Cursor scrolls up and down to show the blue colour highlighting the Recovery Question options, then selects 'What was my first pet's name?"

Now you need to type in the answer to your 'Recovery Question' in the 'My Recovery Answer' box.

Video shows the answer being keyed into the box: fido

Next, you need to type in a Memorable Person and a 'hint' that will signal to you who that Memorable Person is.

For example, your Memorable Person could be your daughter. So, you'll type her name in the 'My Memorable Person' box and 'daughter' in the 'My Memorable Person Hint' box.

Video shows the text being typed in to the My Memorable Person box (Kim), then 'daughter' is typed into the My Memorable person hint box.

Now, you need to type in a Memorable Date. Use four digits for the year, two digits for the month, and two digits for the day, separated by hyphens.

For example, you may want to choose the day your daughter was born. So, you'll type her birthday in the 'My Memorable Date' box.

In the 'My Memorable Date Hint' box, type in a word or two that will help you remember the Memorable Date. For instance, 'Kim's birthday'.

Video shows 1993-05-21 being typed into the My Memorable Date Box and 'Kim's birthday' in the My Memorable Date Hint box.

Now all you need to do is click the 'Continue' button. If you want to change any of your information just click 'Cancel' to start again.

Video shows the cursor clicking the 'Continue' button.


You've successfully registered for your GCKey!

To return to the Government of Canada online service where you started, click on the 'Continue' button.

For more information about GCKey or DFO's online services, visit the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.

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