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Richard John Yntema fined $7,500 for an offence under the Health of Animals Act

May 3, 2022, Ottawa

Richard John Yntema pled guilty and was convicted of one count of contravening section 35(1) of the Health of Animals Act in Salmon Arm Provincial Court in British Columbia (BC), on February 7, 2022.

Richard John Yntema was sentenced to pay a fine of $7,500. The specific charge states that between October 26, 2018, and May 15, 2019, Mr. Yntema obstructed and hindered Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) animal health inspectors by failing to provide requested contact information for regulated parties delivering unidentified or untagged animals for slaughter at Valley Wide Meats in contravention of section 35(1) of the Health of Animals Act.

After the sentencing hearing, the Crown stayed all of the remaining charges against Mr. Yntema under Sections 35(1) and 35(2) of the Health of Animal Act.

The CFIA is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal legislation, including the Health of Animals Act and Regulations. The CFIA is dedicated to safeguarding food, animal, and plant health, which enhance the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment, and economy.

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Notification of charges laid against Richard John Yntema under the Health of Animals Act

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