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Notice of intent: Amendments to the Health of Animal Regulations (hatcheries and supply flocks)

This notice of intent is to inform interested parties and the general public that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) intends to propose amendments to the Health of Animals Regulations (HAR) in winter 2020.

The proposed amendments would repeal the Hatchery Regulations, and sections 79-79.2 of the Health of Animals Regulations. The regulatory amendment also proposes to repeal the stand-alone Hatchery Exclusion Regulations; however this repeal would only come after the regulations are registered for final publication. The amendments would provide more clarity, flexibility and transparency for affected regulated parties.

The proposed amendments aim to create a modern, more outcome-based regulatory framework that would allow the hatchery and supply flock (breeding) sectors to keep pace with advances in science and technology. Such changes would enable appropriate monitoring and controls for current, emerging and future pathogenic organisms of concern.

The amendments would establish updated national requirements for hatcheries that include licensing, developing and maintaining preventive control plans, and standards for sampling and testing methods for both the hatchery and breeding sectors. These changes aim to prevent and control diseases in poultry hatcheries and supply flocks in Canada.

The amended regulations would also incorporate by reference national standards for the production and management of eggs and chicks sourced by hatcheries from supply flocks. CFIA is not proposing to directly impose requirements on supply flock breeders. It would therefore be the requirement of the hatchery operator to verify that its supply flock breeder is in compliance. These standards would extend the mitigation of disease and welfare risks up the supply chain.

Consultations and future opportunities to comment

The CFIA has done four stakeholder consultations since 2013 with affected stakeholders, including the members of the various national poultry organizations – Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council, Canadian Hatchery Federation, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers, Turkey Farmers of Canada, Chicken Farmers of Canada and Egg Farmers of Canada; other permitted hatchery and supply flock operators; other federal government departments; provincial and territorial ministries; and the United States.

This notice of intent serves to inform interested parties and the general public about the status of this proposed amendment.

The anticipated timeline for pre-publication in Canada Gazette, Part I has been revised, from spring 2019 to winter 2020.

Once it is pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, a public comment period of 30 days will be available for interested parties and the general public to provide feedback on the regulatory proposal.

Contact us

If you wish to provide any comments or have questions related to this notice, please submit them to:

Dr. Penny Greenwood
National Manager
Domestic Disease Control Section
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
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