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Forward Regulatory Plan: 2021 to 2023
Amendments to the Plant Breeders' Rights Regulations

Description of the objective

The proposed amendments to the Plant Breeders' Rights Regulations would improve accessibility to the intellectual property framework, support a self-sustaining funding model for program delivery, and encourage greater investment and innovation in Canada's agriculture, horticulture, and ornamental sectors.

Plant Breeders' Rights are a form of intellectual property rights by which plant breeders can protect their new varieties in the same way an inventor protects a new invention with a patent. The legislative framework is designed to encourage increased investment in plant breeding in Canada and foster greater accessibility to foreign seed varieties for farmers. Modernizing Canada's plant variety intellectual property regime is a key element in growing and diversifying Canada's trade of agricultural commodities, both domestically and for export markets internationally.

This regulatory initiative will move forward following the outcome of discussions with the Plant Breeders' Rights Advisory Committee and consultations with the stakeholder community.

Enabling act

Plant Breeders' Rights Act

Potential impacts on Canadians, including businesses

There may be business impacts. The "One-for-One" rule and the Small Business Lens may apply. CFIA is currently conducting analysis on the impact of the proposed changes.

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic, international)

While not part of a formal regulatory cooperation agenda, CFIA has reached out to provincial and territorial partners to inform the development of this regulatory proposal.

Public consultation opportunities

It is anticipated these proposed amendments will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I in summer 2022. A public comment period will be available for Canadians and other interested parties to provide feedback on the regulatory proposal.

Departmental contact

Date the regulatory initiative was first included in the FRP

This initiative was first included in the 2017 to 2019 update.

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